Our Services

Social Research & Consultancy Services

In Social research and consultancy services, TRIOs weaves excellence in strategy development and planning, result-based management, technical support, evidence-based research, evaluation and capacity development to the social sector. We integrate diverse skills and experience to provide advisory services to Government, funding organizations, foundations, corporate sector and civil society on social issues. Our core expertise is in public health and nutrition, education, water and sanitation, rural development and livelihood. We provide specialised technical and management support services to clients and support in executing corporate social responsibility (CSR) interventions, and in-sourcing of human resource for implementation and monitoring of projects and programs to maximise impact.

We specialise in following:

Research Surveys and Evaluations (Health, Nutrition, Education, Water, Hygiene, Livelihood, Migration, Rural development, and Natural resources)

TRIOs has special expertise and in depth experience in large scale sample surveys and evaluations-baseline, mid line and end line surveys, Input and out measurement, impact studies, quality assessment, process evaluation, benchmarking, standards, cost analysis, organizational effectiveness.

  • Health and demographic surveys
  • Impact assessments and evaluations
  • Nutrition Studies and surveys
  • Water, Hygiene and Sanitation studies and surveys
  • Water quality studies
  • Value chain Assessments
  • Education impact assessments

MIGRATION STUDIES Among the many factors, the unequal growth and opportunities in rural and urban areas, inadequate human and economic development, unchecked demographic increase and rapid industrialisation and urbanization, civil disrupts, social, cultural and religious factors and environmental changes are the major influencing factors to migration.

TRIOs undertake special studies, surveys and assessments on migrants and migration related effects on health and economy.

Capacity Development TRIOs has expertise in capacity need assessments and development of time bound strategy and plan with realistic measurable indicators and budget, to address capacity needs. The core of our capacity development is to set out the capacity objectives, activities, and indicators; and the resources required to implement change and to measure progress.

  • Developing organisational capacity
  • Developing sustainable systems for local capacity building
  • Institutionalization of capacity development
  • Skill development programs
  • Creating a pool of local resources as social capital to sustain the same
  • Training Manuals / Material Development

We have undertaken large scale capacity development programs across India on health and nutrition, adolescent’s health, women and child development, livelihood, water and sanitation, communication, decentralise planning, research methodology, and gender main- streaming.

Strategy Development and Planning We do strategy development through intensive researching and identifying strategic options, selecting the most promising cost effective as well as result-oriented solutions; and deciding how resources can be allocated across the organisation and projects to achieve objectives.

TRIOs also has expertise and experience in decentralised, community based participatory planning to realise the potentials and aspirations of the community to be part of development process. Sustainability and gender mainstreaming are core to the process. TRIOs has undertaken Decentralized planning for National health programs such as RCH, NRHM, BRGF, NREGS, etc for various state governments in the country.

IEC and ICT TRIOs Information Education and Communication approach is aimed at changing or reinforcing a set of defined behaviours in a predefined period. TRIOs has vast experience and expertise in;

  • Communication Need Assessments (CNA)
  • Developing communications strategy
  • Designing communication programs
  • Use of information communication technology (ICT)
  • Piloting innovative targeted community centric communication programs through participatory methods to bringing behavioural changes

The present situation due to global COVID pandemic and its long-lasting threat in the entire population requires large-scale behaviour change and places significant psychological and economic burdens on individuals and the system.

TRIOs has gained insights into behavioural related issues to help align human behaviour with the recommendations of public health experts and policy makers and to support organisations and communities on alleviating threats, reorienting social and cultural aspects influencing on behaviours and healthy lifestyles.

Technical Support & Pilot Intervention TRIOs provides result oriented technical and management support to specific programs and projects for optimising interventions and results.

  • Establishing and managing program management support for effective project management
  • Providing competent human resource support to specific programs for strengthening project delivery
  • Capacity Building support for Health and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Livelihood
  • Advisory services and research support to commercial sector to address Market challenges
  • Undertaking cost effective, replicable, and sustainable innovative interventions to effectively address social development issues
  • Providing result-based implementation support and supportive supervision to specific programs and projects